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Our handcrafted soap products are made on our farm overlooking the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains of Montana, inspired by Bill’s sister’s autoimmune disorder (multiple chemical sensitivity or MCS).

Rae (with a Chemical Engineering background) created natural products using several ingredients from their organic gardens such as lavender, roses, and beeswax (from local beekeepers).

Enhanced with Essential oils instead of chemical fragrance, their products are not tested on animals but family members, Bill’s sister is their canary in the mine.

When they can’t use products that are local they use fair trade products that are sustainable and benefit other cultures such as Shea butter imported from Africa supporting rural women who transform Shea nuts into butter. Bill and Rae strive to have a socially conscious and that love comes out in our products.


For the first 20 years of my young adult life, I was a Process Engineer with a Chemical Engineering background in the Printed Circuit Board industry. Then I met Bill Grout ~ a glass artist who has been blowing glass since 1993 who spell bounded me with his glass blowing magic.

In 2002 I became a glass artist, in 2003, and moved to the Bitterroot Valley. We live on an organic acre farm overlooking the Bitterroot Valley ~ the farm is lush with gardens and orchards and is our Garden of Eden.

In 2012 I started to distill the lavender we grow on the farm into perfume ~ I decided to blow perfume bottles to go with the perfume. This coupled with my fascination with soap making by my son’s partner spun me off into a love for creating natural beauty products.

My organic and natural personal care products were inspired by my sister-in-law’s autoimmune disorder ~ which is multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

I started to make products using natural and organic ingredients that she can use. Some of the ingredients are grown on our farm such as Lavender; others are enhanced with Essential oils instead of chemical fragrance.

My products are not tested on animals but family members and my sister-in-law is my canary in the mine.

We are proudly registered with Made in Montana